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Across the Aisle

Across the Aisle is the tool to create communities.  Do you have a  or need to improve a community?


Advocacy is to stand for someone with all the resources you have!

NASITC offers diversity classes and webinars each month.


Each class is 30 minutes and may have prerequisites.


Webinars are 45 minutes and some may offer a badge after completion.  

Classes & Webinars

Defining Diversity

Defining diversity - The universe is the perfect example of diversity.

Digital Subscriptions

   Digital Subscription Boxes


   What is a digital subscription box?  A digital

   subscription box is a set of digital tools

   in a subscription format based on user

   assessment and survey data that results in

   specific products designed to accelerate you

   or your organization's greater good, move the

   diversity needle, and create collaborative


Hire Dr. Ro

Hire Dr. Newton to speak at your organization or next event.


Hire Dr. Newton

Strategic IT Consulting

Strategic IT Consulting Services - NASITC provides diversity consulting in the areas of administration, hiring, pay and promotion, recruitment, and retention within information technology.

Strategic Partners

Strategic Partnerships are a core component of NASITC's vision. O ur strategic partners are visionaries. Their organizations are continuously researching methods to improve our humanity and the global marketplace.  NASITC and our partners dare to believe in an engaged, productive, and a united community that where access, equality, and knowledge are the ultimate outcome.  Share our vision? Become a strategic partner.

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