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Across the Aisle is the tool to create communities.  Do you have a community that needs improvement? Expand your teams beyond the boundaries of structure to limitless resources across the aisle.  Subject matter experts are everywhere.  We help you find them within your organization and community.

Advocacy is to stand for someone with all the resources you have! We stand for you and help you define your path.  NASITC defines advocacy as a commitment to assist, encourage, highlight, and recommend (skin in the game) each other to achieve our greater good.

NASITC helps organizations create psychologically safe work spaces.  Our work includes understanding the language of hate.  We provide role play, define safe and unsafe words, teach advocacy and community.

Our advocacy tools are unique to each organization.  When you hire us to enrich your advocacy, we begin by determining the organization's advocacy efforts and the strengths and weaknesses of these efforts.  We then create advocacy statements of work, processes, and lastly practices.

To hire NASITC as your advocacy provider, please contact us - info@nasitc.com.  Our rates are competitive and completely digital.

Coming soon! NASITC offers diversity classes and webinars each month.


Each class is 30 minutes and offer a certificate of completion in the topic.


Current classes: 


+ Understanding Money

+ To be right and win!

+ The fundamentals of emerging 



+ Our digital classes are $95 and can be taken

   as often as the class window remains open 

   (30 days maximum).


   Do not see a class you need?  Let us know.

Classes & Webinars


Defining Diversity

Defining diversity - The universe is the perfect example of diversity. Diversity is simply difference.  We are are different, yet the same!  If everything is the same, then we cannot appreciate change.

The Digital Divide

The difference between the have not and

+ The digital divide has existed since the

    Internet.  The digital divide is the

    haves and have nots of technology. 

    Many communities do not have access 

    or have limited access to the Internet. 

    This lack of fully functioning access has

    impacted education,  financial growth, 

    opportunity, and many other areas. 

+ NASITC assists individuals and

   organizations assess the digital divide,

   identify solutions, and provide long

   term strategies. We addresses the

   digital divide through strategic access

   and equity policies and planning. 

   Understanding the issues within the

   digital divide and the affects on your

   communities, consumers, or

    marketplace is the first step and

   NASITC will help you do just that.

   Contact us!

Digital & Racial Equity

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What is digital equity?

+ Digital equity is the theory of fair   

   access for all. Digital equity includes 

   inadequate access to resources such as

   community, education, healthcare,

   digital sources (information available

   only online), functioning technology

   (beyond a cell phone or a community

   space (library, centers, or locations

   away from home)).  


+ Digital equity should include equal

   access to education that enhances the

   learning and provides a path to


+ Digital equity should embrace and

   educate the community to ensure the

   community understands the resources

   available and where those resources 

   are located, knows who to contact, and

   the policies and purposes of access.

+ Digital equity is a moving target.    

   Policies and practices should have the

   flexibility to evolve as the technology

   and times change. 

+ NASITC is fully equipped to help you

   move the digital equity needle.  For

   more information, contact us.

Employment Consulting

Business people collaborate together in

+ Need help finding the ideal candidate? 

   NASITC works with our strategic partners

   to identify the best for you.  Employment

   consulting services includes employee

   assessment, career pathing, and

   professional development.


Digital Subscriptions


  What is a NASITC digital subscription box?


 +  Digital subscription boxes are digital

     activities designed to change the

     diversity narrative and enhance employee,        

      individual, and organizational behavior and

      culture. Each digital subscription box is unique

      to the individual or organization.

  + A digital subscription box is a set of digital 

     tools in a subscription format based on user   

     assessment and survey data. This

     individualized data results in specific products

     designed to accelerate you or your 

     organization's greater good, move the

    diversity needle, and create collaborative


+  Upon receipt of payment, an assessment and 

    survey will be sent to the email address used in

     the purchase of the digital subscription. Once

     the assessment and survey are completed and

     returned to NASITC. We will process the  

     documents and contact you to discuss our

     recommendations. Within 72 hours, you will

     receive a digital subscription box menu of

     items. Items can be added or removed as

     appropriate.  NASITC uses assessments,

     surveys, and consultations to understand the 

     work environment, career pathing, employee

     engagement, collaboration, voices and values,

     challenges and successes, workplace behavior,

     culture, language, pain points, and

     diversity metrics and policies. We endeavor 

     to understand how employees and

     leadership move through the organization. 


     Your digital subscription will arrive on the third

     Wednesday of each month (if multiple months

     are purchased).



+   Purchase a digital subscription box today.

Hire Dr. Ro

Strategic IT Consulting


Strategic Partners


Hire Dr. Newton to speak at your organization, consult with you or your organization, or any inclusion services. 


When you hire Dr. Rochelle Newton, you will be amazed and impressed.


Hire Dr. Newton

Strategic IT Consulting Services - NASITC provides inclusion consulting. We create communities, develop organizational behaviors and culture, and work with organizations to develop policies and practices that advance inclusion and give a seat to the seatless and a voice to voiceless.
We work on employee development and productivity, redressing inclusion, and internal and external relationships. 

We believe the Universe is the best teacher of harmony.  Help someone!

Do you work with companies and individuals in the practice of the the human condition?  If so, partner with NASITC. 


Our partners share a common philosophy, equality and fairness for all.  O ur strategic partners are visionaries.


Their organizations are continuously researching methods to improve humanity. 


NASITC and our partners dare to believe in an engaged, productive, and a united community where access, equality, and knowledge are the ultimate outcome. 

Share our vision? Become a strategic partner.

Diversity and Technology Training


NASITC provides best practices, policies, and processes in diversity, equality, and racial equity. Each session is a 30 minute recorded Zoom session. These sessions are meant to analyze behavioral, cultural, human resources in community and organizational entities.