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The Human Path

The Human Path is a tool for organizations to retain and increase employee productivity

Welcome to NASITC's Human Path

The Human Path is  a tool for individuals and organizations to assess and engage their employees.  Each employee matters and understanding their needs and how they see their leadership, administrators, and the overall organization is essential to productivity and retention. 

NASITC offers workshops for leadership, administrators, and emoployees.  These workshops include assessments, surveys, all staff interviews, and dyads.  After the initial assessments and tools are complete, NASITC will provide recommendations and option for employee improvement and suggestions to improve overall organizational culture.  

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Did You Know?  

Out of 100% employed, less than 12% of employees are fully engaged and productive everyday.

Employees work better we when feel included.

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Office Building
Office Building

The Great Resignation

Amid Covid and other chaos, America saw the greatest number of employees leave their employers.  Many employees leave their employer because of their perception of their value.  

Empty offices and the challenges of finding another job are everywhere.  Have you considered the lack of inclusion and equity?  NASITC can help you solve your employee issues.  We have tools that work! Contact us to learn more!

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