NASITC's Digital Subscription Boxes

  What is a NASITC digital subscription



 Digital subscription boxes are digital

     activities created to change the

     diversity narrative and enhance careers

     in information technology. Each digital

     subscription box is unique to the

     individual or organization. Upon receipt of

     payment, an assessment and survey will be       

     sent to the email address used in the purchase 

     of the digital subscription. Once the

     assessment and survey are completed and

     returned to NASITC, we will process the  

     documents and contact you to discuss our

     recommendations. Within 72 hours, you will

     receive a digital subscription box menu of

     items. Items can be added or removed as

     appropriate.  NASITC uses assessments,

     surveys, and consultations to understand the 

     work environment, career pathing, employee

     engagement, collaboration, voices and values,

     challenges and successes, workplace behavior,

     culture, language, pain points, and

     diversity metrics and policies. We endeavor 

     to understand how employees and

     leadership move through the organization. 


     Your digital subscription will arrive on the third

     Wednesday of each month (if multiple months

     are purchased).



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