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The Human Path

NASITC's Human Path is a tool for individuals to create your best human self.  We believe growth is essential to deliver our best self. Who are you? What do you believe? Where do you want  to go?  Who is in your corner?  

NASITC's "Human Path" Tool is available to anyone who wants to reconstruct their brand.  The Human Path tool includes constructing or developing:  your brand; the elevator pitch; the art of negotiation; a foot in the door; resume preparation; role play; and growing advocates.  

Without you understanding what you are capable of leaves a lot on the table.  Negoitiate what you need to perform at your best.  Never know who you are  going to meet.  Do you have your elevator pitch?  Do you  have an advocate? Does you resume speaks your abilities?  Remember, you need a new resume for each job you are interested in. 

Inclusion & Bias in Technology Course

NASITC's founder has more than 40 years in the technology sector.  Dr. Newton has worked in most areas of current and emerging technology.  Most, if not all, segments of technology include bias, discrimination, harassment, and racism.  As a result, employee productivity, retention, and satisfaction are reflected in organizational outcomes. 

NASITC's "Diversity & Bias in Technology" seminar provides the foundation for understanding and acting on the bias and complexities in technology.  We dissect algorithms, automation, biometrics, blockchain, facial recognizition, and other technologies to identify built-in bias and 'learned bias' through repetition, and sameness. 


Let's Talk Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Learning Equality

NASITC’s "Learning Equality" is a series of workshops intended for individuals, organizations, or parents.  The Learning Equality workshops are dyadic and include  understanding the actions and nuances in discrimination, structural and systematic racism, and the language of race.  Learning Equality offers uncomfortable conversations, role play, microagressions, and recognizing privilege.  NASITC provides foundational understanding of how we got here, why we are still here, and why inclusion is essential to each of us and of course: WIFM - what's in for me.  

Describing the Job

NASITC's Describing the Job assists organizations in attracting the best candidate for any employee job description. Through our services, we review established and new developed job descriptions to ensure they are more inclusive.  We spend a great deal of our lives at work whether in person or remote.  Employees understand the duties of role.  It is after sometime, they begin to rethink their choice.  The great resignation highlighted the frustrations many people experienced with their employer. Why?  Pay. Promotion. a seat at the table, a voice in the discussion, and fairness.  The words may seem insignificant alone but when combined into a feeling, the results can designate an employee and lead to resignations.  

Inclusion Consulting

We understand the importance of encouraging our teams to get and give the best. From team-building skills, reaching across the aisle, improving employee productivity and retention, NASITC is your one stop for all of DEI needs.  NASITC provides consulting services to leaders, organizations, and individuals navigate the inclusion narrative.  NASITC works with our customers to enhance the employee experience and increase productivity, retain employees, and create an equitable organizational culture.

We help organizations hirer and support diversity officers.  NASITC can also provide diversity counseling in lieu of a diversity officer.  




“When you really want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” - Paul Coelho - The Alchemist Paulo Coelho

Let us make the inclusion world better each day through our work. We want each encounter with us to leave you changed.


Whether you sign up or subscribe to a service, an assessment gives you a snapshot of your capacity and vision.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Working Together on Project
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