NASITC Services

+ Across the Aisle

   Current and emerging technologies are replete with 

   obstacles and opportunity.  NASITC believes technology

   should be diaphanous.  Accountability is essential to

   diversity within IT.  We offer guidance to create communities

   at the intersection of  equality and technology.

+ Advocacy

   NASITC advocacy is a core component of our diversity 

   philosophy.  True advocacy invests in each other and seeks   

   the greater good in humanity. Learn more.

+ Hire Dr. Rochelle Newton


    NASITC founder, Dr. Rochelle

    Newton, is an subject matter expert (SME) on advocacy,

    diversity, equality within the information technology (IT) 

    discipline.  Hire Dr. Ro to speak to your organization and


+ Purchase a Digital Subscription Box


    NASITC offers four digital subscriptions.


          - The digital branding subscription box is for individuals

             and can purchased as a one-time only subscription, three,

             six months or annually.  

          - The digital diversity officer subscription box is a set of r

             resources and tools for diversity officers. 

            NASITC works with diversity officers to challenge and

            engage organizational behavior and culture. The digital

            diversity officer subscription box are available for purchase

            in three, six months or annual digital subscriptions.

          - The NASITC digital leadership subscription box is a

            consulting initiative for organizational leadersWe work

            with leadership teams to amplify voices, assess diversity

            policies and practices, create activities that engage

            employees, define diversity, demonstrate the importance

            of diverse behaviors that increase productivity, devising.  

            diversity blueprints, enhance collaboration, implement   

            tools that acknowledge, hire, and promote diversely, and

            uncomfortable conversations.

        - The NASITC digital employee professional 

          development subscription box is a series of diverse

          activities for organizational employeesThese tools

          challenge the diversity narrative, create community,

          encourage values and voices, facilitate the dialog next 

          door, and promote autonomous collaboration.

+ Strategic IT Consulting


    As strategic consultants, we advise and augment diverse

    actions, organizational culture, policies, and tools for leaders
    and organizations.



Guide on resume preperation and skills, negotiation, interviews, digital presence, and generating leads


Diversity & Inclusion

Provides indepth assistance on organizational behavior, culture and diversity


IT Consulting

Providing assistance for workplace culture within the IT environment

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