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The Language of Bias in Technology

The Language of Bias in Technology

Current and emerging technologies are game changers. We no longer need maps to find our destination. Our security systems can turn our lights on and off, lock or unlock our doors, and notify the police if needed. Our appliances can phone home (the manufacturer) when something is wrong. Robots are performing surgery. Algorithms decide our futures (college admissions, credit, hiring, pay, and more). We may see the day when traditional currency is no longer used as blockchain and cryptocurrency are disrupting financial industries. Biometrics are now a part of securing our identity.

With all of these advances, the past still haunts technology. Black and brown people, and women still struggle to find a seat at the table and a voice in tech and non tech organizations. Many technologies include bias. And the language of technology is replete with biased terms. Technology companies are working to remove racists terms, but the terms persist and the use of the language perpetuates the lack of inclusion.

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