Redefining Professional development

Redefining Professional Development:

  • Newton Advocacy & Strategic IT Consulting professional development services that matches the individual and/or organization with tailored diversity, inclusion, and opportunities that are inline with individual and organizational goals.

  • Each person engages, learns, and does based on his or her concept of knowledge, experiences, and environment.  There is no one size fits all learning method.

  • Professional development is not enrolling or completing a course, or attending a conference.  Professional development is gaining the knowledge and network that benefits the individual and the organization.  conference. 


Learning is unique to the learner. Newton Advocacy & Strategic IT Consulting offers learning modules.
These modules include branding, diverse hiring, emerging technologies and interviewing skills, negotiation, team-building, and uncomfortable conversations designed for the greater good of all


  • Learning is only the beginning.  How you apply what you learn is the do.

  • What is doing?  Doing is not simply an application of knowledge.  Do is to .  Every human is great.  It is the do that showcases the humanity.  Feeding the hungry is to do.  Holding the door for someone is to do.  To rethink the obvious is to do.  Newton Advocacy & Strategic IT Consulting believes the do leads to change


Change is the result of doing and learning.  When you change what you are and what you see, you change those around and the world. Learn, Do, and Change are the hopes of a better humanity, better you, and better world.

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