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Dr. Rochelle Newton is an information technology (IT) leader with more than 40 years of IT experience.  Her career spans the entire IT spectrum (applications, networking, programming, and support). In addition to the tangibles of IT, Dr. Ro has developed and lead teams of IT staff from entry level to senior technicians.  She is an advisor to stakeholders, a relationship specialist, and team builder. 


Dr. Newton reaches across the aisle to advocate for, build, and collaborate with diverse individuals and skillsets. Her advocacy and collaboration efforts have sharpened her skills as a keynote speaker, advisor, and consultant.


Dr. Newton hosts diversity chats as method of understanding diversity, shared experiences, and stories as we journey through the complexities of being human.  

These chats have served as a source of inspiration and understanding in how we see each other.

Dr. Newton and her colleague, Drew Stinnett

have launched a podcast that examines diversity in technology.  The Imminent Teachnology Podcast offers a lens into the constructs of gender, poverty, and race at the intersection of current and emerging technologies.

Dr. Newton's work in the diversity arena led to the founding of her company Newton Advocacy & Strategic Consulting (NASITC).  NASITC's mission is to disrupt the diversity narrative in information technology.  Join NASITC in the fight. 

Hire Dr. Ro.

Hire Dr. Rochelle Newton


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