I am my brother's keeper!

Newton Advocacy & Strategic IT Consulting, LLC, (NASTIC) overarching philosophy is advocacy.  Help, Speak, or Stand for someone other than yourself!   The greatest gift we can give each other is compassion.


  • NASITC believes the universe serves as the perfect of advocacy and diversity. If we could see the best in each other, we would change the negative narrative that exists in the world.

  • Do you know your co-workers? Do you know your neighbor?

  • What do you are facts and what do assume are facts?

        Martin Niemölle's quote: 

      "First they came for the socialists,   

       and I did not speak out—because

       was not a socialist.  Then they came

       for the trade unionists, and I did not

       speak out— because I was not a

       trade unionist. Then they came for

       the Jews, and I did not speak out—

       because I was not a Jew.]. Then they 

       came for me—and there was no one

       left to speak for me.

  • As Niemölle said, if we do not speak for others, who will be there to speak for us?

  • Advocacy creates community and successful relationship. collaboration.

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