Across the Aisle

NASITC believes communities are an organic source of diversity.

In an effort to advance our careers, ideas, and opportunities, we

create communities. 

+ What is a community?  A community is web of people who

    believe in amplifying humanity, improving the universe, and

    standing for the voiceless.


+ Happy hour, networking, and meet ups are often thought of as

   organic means of creating community.  If the activity is not

   intentional, an ad hoc group maybe formed. However, the

   activity does not necessarily create a community.

+ Community tools include engagement, identifying

    collaborators, "the ask," and skill assessments.

+ Want to create a community?  Creating a community is a series of steps to define, identify, and maintain influencers.  NASITC offers a $125 one hour webinar on creating communities. Once purchased, you may revisit the course as often as you like.

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