NASITC = Diversity, equality, inclusion, and racial equity
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Newton Advocacy & Strategic IT Consulting (NASITC) is a diversity, inclusion, and racial equity consulting firm born out the continued challenges for women and black and brown communities.  We are a Historically UnderUtilized Business (HUB). 

Women and black and brown communities are not paid or promoted equally.  As emerging technologies continue to disrupt life, work, and play as we know it, it is essential to level the playing field and each person is given the opportunity to contribute.  Additionally, the demographics (the browning and greying) of America suggest the future will need more workers to participate. 

We work with organizations of all sizes and types.  As a consulting firm, we work across the entire organization including departments, diversity officers, leaders, and administrators.  NASITC stands ready
to assist individuals and organizations rise to the challenge of the inclusion narrative.  

NASITC's digital diversity subscription boxes are tools created to solve the diverse complexities within diversity, equality, and racial equity.  NASITC's digital subscription boxes for individuals and organizations include branding,  These subscription boxes are tools to address diversity, employee career pathing, equality, and racial equity. 

NASITC focuses on five major sectors of inclusion.

+1. Information technology: We seek to change the diversity narrative in information technology (IT).

+2. The digital divide and racial equity: We assess the community and infrastructure and provide strategic solutions including statements of work, dynamic policies and processes, and benchmarks.

+3. Diversity in the workplace: We examine organizational behavior, culture and social engagement including fair hiring, pay, and promotion.

+4. The language of inclusion:  We have years of experience with the workplace and how individuals see themselves in the workplace.  We help companies create value and voice for their staff.

+5. Advocacy: We call advocacy skin in the game.  Advocacy goes beyond coaching and mentoring. We provide the tools to see the whole individual and their worth.

NASITC stands ready to assist individuals and organizations to unpack racial equity.  Racial equity is simply fairness.  Many systems were not built to consider all citizens of the universe.  We live in a world where segmentation breeds privilege.  NASITC is committed to equality  and pellucid access for all.  When you hire NASITC, you have hired a consulting firm committed to change.

NASITC's primary mission is to interrupt the diversity, equality, and racial equity narrative.  Check us out - or email us.

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