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The Fallacy of the Job Description

A job description is the first step to diversity and inclusion.  The phrasing of terms can encourage or discourage potential canidates.  Terms that describes personal presence including clothing, hair, food, or religious preferences are coded words used to exclude certain candidates.  Job descriptions are filled with coded words.  Marginalized candidates are less likely to apply.  

Job descriptions often contain a lot of words unnecessary to describe the position.  The descriptions should specify the actual duties and responsibilities.  Language used to describe the organization should describe any policies and practices required to perform the role.  If there is a diversity statement, (not the EEOC statement), the statement should actually reflect the diversity practices in the organization. 

Describing the Job

NASITC's DEI services include developing or revamping exisiting job description.  If you have a job posting with few applicants, you may need to rethink the content of the job description. Application Tracking Systems (ATS) are designed to eliminate candidates whose resumes and curriculum vitaes (CV) do not matched the keywords in the job description.  ATS can be designed to reduce the number of job respondents.  As the ATS rejects candidates, this limits the number resumes or CV that must be reviewed and in some. instances forwarded to the hiring manager.   

Applicants should carefully read the job description and write their resume or CV to required section of the description,  Making sure there are no grammar issues; all dates and previously held positions must be accurate; account for any time not listed on the resume, and always be truthful.  It is important to remember, the organization is looking the best applicant.  In some cases you may not be the best candidate (the rejection letter may say so without any other explanation).

In some Job descriptions, it is often difficult to see the bias.  However, look for words that seem out of turn.  High caliber (discourages women).  Exceptional leader (discourages young people). Must lift a certain amount of weight or stand for a certain number of hours (discourages disable applicants).  Strong communication skills (discourages introverts). Must be fluent in English (discourages foreign applicants). Ambitious or competitive, and titles ending in 'man' (discourages women).  Job elimination and layoffs language (discourages older people). Education and experience (discourages black and brown applicants).  Each of these instances may look different in various job descriptions.  Human Resources (HR) staff are experienced at creating complicated job descriptions that encourage and discourage any demographic depending on the who, what, when, and where of the need.  

NASITC can assist in creating equitable recruitment, retention, and pay and promotion. Hire NASITC today!

The Great Resignation

Yellow notepad with text - That's it, I quit with envelope and crumpled paper background.

Employees are leaving the

workplace in record numbers.  

We could say the resignations are

due to Covid.  However, prior to 

Covid, murders of black and brown

people young and old, raised our

consciousness.  As a result, people

took to. the streets to protest.  

When Mr. Floyd was murdered in

2020, must of the Nation took

notice and movements were

started, and we were 'woke'.  

And then Covid ravaged our society.  We were sheltered in for a period of time.  We wore masked and praticed social distancing and then the vaccine came.  We believed things would return to what we though were normal.  We were wrong.  During
the time sheltered in and then recommendations that we stay in. Government assistance and subsidies, monies meant to subsidize those that lost their jobs due Covid.  As we sat home, many of us took an assessment of our lives.  This time led many to think it was time to walk away from low paying jobs with limited opportunities, environments that were not inclusive, and did not vlaue their teams.  The great I quit should have been expected.  Many thought those who quit were disloyal and not adhering to the American dream.  However, those who quit wanted to assess their lives and find opportunities where employees are more than worker bees.  They are human beings with dreams and goals.  At NASITC, we beleive the great Hire Me is next.  When indivdiuals look for employment, positions must be inclusive and in plain text. 

Enter the Job Description

Business Concept_ Close-up the Job Description button on the keyboard and have Red color b

Many job descriptions include bias and descriminatory langauge.  The langauge can be very subtle or in your face.  Here are a few examples: 

"an influential change agent"

"a transformational growth mindset, and a background to match it"

"individuals with high accountability"

"high caliber"

"elite leader"

These are just a few.  Each NASITC scours job posting to identify langauge that may discourage qualified applicants. 

NASITC is committed diversity, inclusion, and equity.  We are in this with you.  To learn more about our work to create inclusive, engage, and improve productivity and retention. 

Hire NASITC to assist you in your job description and ultimately hire the best. candidate.  Reach us at

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