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Inclusion Consulting

Today, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are more than just buzzwords.  An inclusive environment creates community within the organization, defeats stereotypical beliefs of how we see each other, encourages colleagues to organically connect, develops empathy and grace.  Studies have shown that diverse and equitable teams are more collaborative, productive, and supportive (like a team). 


NASITC offers DEI consulting services for individuals and organizations.  Our consulting services include modeling inclusion, employee productivity and inclusion, uncomfortable conversations, developing an inclusive organzational culture, and people professional development.  

Our services include managing employee complaints; employee to employee disagreement; job descriptions; organizational culture; creating community within your organization; redesigning the interview process; and engaging employees. 


Inclusion Consulting includes a (1). short assessment (data about you and your company).  Once we receive your initial response, we send you a link to complete the assessment.  (2). Once the assessment is completed and returned, we will arrange a brief Zoom call to discuss your concerns, goals, issues, and successes.  After completion of the assessments and call, we will map and submit an inclusion plan.  

To learn more about our consulting services, please, email us. We will contact you within 72 hours ( not available onholidays and weekends).

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NASITC's Inclusion Consulting Services

We are excited to work with you!  We offer several inclusion and equity services including inclusion consulting.  This proposal will define our inclusion consulting services.  


Organizational Assessment  - Understanding Diversity in Staffing – Small and Large Group Consulting


NASITC’s Organizational Assessment – Our assessments assist clients in understanding their organization and understanding how their employees and other members of your organization see you.  We assess policies and practices in place and how those resources can reflect exclusion and inequity.  We work to develop a diverse, inclusive, and equitable work environment (leaders, administrators, and staff).  We offer dialogue starters, strategize proactive and inclusive workplace practices, foster culturally responsive organizational change, and more. The options for Organizational Assessment are generic until we have reviewed the completed assessment (where the client is interested in various inclusion initiatives),


Understanding Diversity in Staffing (client has specified needs for workforce development both in short and long term with progressed outcomes). 


Small Group Workshops (1-20 participants) (client has specific needs for understanding the inclusion narrative. This includes understanding the language of inclusion, representation, and inequitable pay).  NASITC offers large group Workshops to groups larger than 20 but less than 100.  Please let us know if you need a large group workshop.  

Examining Employee Perception 

 Examining Employee perception is a service intended to increase employee contact and to ensure marginalized people have a seat at the table and voice in the conversation.  We also examine places for improvement. 


Across the Aisle

Across the Aisle is a tool for individuals and organizations to assess the value of collaborative work across areas where we do not generally collaborate.  


Creating Teams

Creating teams reaches across all areas to bring employees and individuals together for the benefit of the outcome. 


Can You Hear and See Me?

Can You Hear and See Me is an activity using words and gestures to understand the breakdown in collaboration and communications.  

ERG Teams 

We assess established ERG groups and their success rate.  We rethink the ERG concept and propose collaborative groups.


I Quit

Out tools assist organizations in creating an environment where employees feel valued, engaged, and included and quitting is not considered. 



Organizational Assessment: Hourly Rate of $500 (Non-profit) and $1000 (For-profit)


Understanding Diversity in Staffing: Hourly Rate $500 (Non-profit) and $1000 (For-profit)


Small Group Workshops (1-20 participants): Hourly Rate $500 (Non-profit) and $1000 (For-profit). 


Large Group Workshops (20 – 100) participants): Hourly Rate $1000 (Non-profit) and $2500 (For-profit).


Examining Employee Perception: Hourly Rate $750 (Non-profit) and $1950 (For-profit). 


Across the Aisle: Hourly Rate $500 (Non-profit) and $1000 (For-profit). 


Creating Teams: Hourly Rate $900 (Non-profit) and $2600 (For-profit). 


Can You Hear and See Me?: Hourly Rate $300 (Non-profit) and $1200 (For-profit). 

I Quit: Hourly Rate $1800 (Non-profit) and $5500 (For-profit). 

ERG Teams: Hourly Rate $2300 (Non-profit) and $6600 (For-profit). 

The client will be charged an administration fee of 20% of the service fee for all consulting services.  This fee includes initial meeting(s) with the client, travel, and content preparation.  NASITC also offers flat fee pricing based on need and services. 


NASITC other services: The Human Path, Learning Equality, and Inclusion & Bias in Technology are available.  



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