Diversity, equality, and racial equity is all we do!




                      Newton Advocacy & Strategic IT Consulting, LLC. (NASITC) is a diversity information technology consulting firm. We provide services and tools for individuals and organizations.  Our services and tools are intended to change the diversity narrative at the intersection of information technology (IT). NASITC's services and tools include digital diversity subscription boxes, individual branding (across the aisle and advocacy) and relationship (community and definition) resources, organizational behavior and cultural assets architecture, strategic diversity consulting, speaker services, strategic partnerships (organizations with which we share a common ideology), and diversity training.



                      Our mission is to equip every individual and organization with diverse and strategic resources to amplify and reconstruct how we see each other and work together. We look to advance the very best of humanity, resilience, and spirit to produce innovation and technologies free of bias, inequality, and racism.  NASITC's philosophy begins with advocacy and ends with productivity.


When you choose NASITC or one of our strategic partners, you gain some of the best minds in the diversity framework.  We help the world deconstruct diversity with the universe as the diversity example. 


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